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What To Do On a Lazy Day

Joce's Cat, Sai, sitting next to a tray of roses and a journal | What to do on a lazy day
My cat, Sai in bed

Have you not had the time to take the day off?  Now you do but you have nothing to do all day.   If you’re tired of doing nothing all day, then you will want to do something entertaining to boost your mood and relieve stress.  When you get bored, you will feel empty and not have any motivation to be successful.  

In my free time, I like to spend the de-stressing and do the things I love.  

I remember when I got my first job, I would do nothing but hurt my back working hard and taking on so many hours while I was going to school.  I never had the day to myself or the time to hang out with my family and friends because I was exhausted from coming home from work. It took me time to realize how important it is to have one day doing productive things for myself and for other people to make me happy.  I spend my free days doing activities that keep me in a good mindset and it helps me stay motivated and productive.  I had never felt more of myself than ever,

Some people may ask if it’s okay to have a lazy day. Yes, as a matter of fact, you should take your lazy days one day per week to have a reset.  But you want to be productive to keep your mind going.  

Lazy exercise in bed 

A good morning stretch is a good way to start your day.  Most of the time we hit the snooze button when we hear our alarm clocks.  When you wake up, take your time and do some stretches and your exercise.  When you do your exercises, you will feel relieved and feel beautiful inside and outside.  

Make your bed  

On a  lazy day, you may want to do something productive like making your bed. 

Making your bed is a good way to start your day and gives you an organized mindset.  

So you can relax on your day if you plan to be in bed all day and reduce your stress.   It helps you have confidence, being adventurous, and being social.  

Light up your favorite candle

Candles create a tranquil mood of therapy.  It helps create a gentle glow and eases our mindset.  Most importantly, lighting a candle improves good sleep because it calms your mind.

A candle is a catch made of wax that will give us light, fragrance, and a heat of keeping time.

After lighting a candle, you will want to do something calming and relaxing.  What I usually do is:

  • Journal
  • Sketch
  • Skin care
  • Meditate
  • Listen to soft music
  • Rub on crystals
  • Have a relaxing meal
  • Watch a classic/vintage movie
  • Reading

Wear comfy clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes makes you feel productive throughout your day. It helps you unwind, exercise better, and gives you access to your physical comfort level of your own skin. 

The clothes that make me feel like multitasking are wearing a t-shirt, yoga pants, comfy socks, and slippers.  

Get your lazy day snack  

What do we crave for on a lazy day?  A nice and healthy snack.  

What I like to eat for a lazy snack is a healthy smoothie, cheese and crackers, some fruits and vegetables, and my most favorite, Oreos and milk.

Sleep in

It is good to sleep in every once in a while, like on weekends for example.  The healthiest option is a consistent sleep schedule.  If you want to sleep to get your 8 hours in, I highly recommend it.  

Sleeping is good to keep you energized and create a positive impact for you and other people. 

 Watch your favorite movie or TV 

Watching Tv is relaxing and releases the hormones to make us feel good with what we watch.  Watching Tv gets you distracted and can help relieve stress.

TV is the entertaining and educating thing to do on a lazy day.  I like binge watching TV shows, movies, documentaries, and music videos.

Play your favorite video game

Playing videos is one of my favorite ways of stress relieving and letting out my anger.  It affects how you can workout your brain, improves mental skills, and logic. It can force new perspectives and tell great stories. 

Online games improve your reaction time and quick thinking. Due to the nature of said games you need to be quick on your hands in order to succeed most of the time.

Overall, video games have taught me that failure is ok, so long as you keep going and don’t give up. 

“You never fail until you stop trying.”

Albert Einstein

Credits to my fiance, Justin Root-Rizzuto for writing this paragraph and editing my posts!

Call/Facetime/Skype someone 

Even though you want some alone time, sometimes you want to have your social life at home.  Calling or Facetiming a friend helps me blow off some steam after a long week and relating to what their problems are too.  Most of the time when I talk to someone, they will always make me smile.

Read a book/magazine

The one healthiest thing to do on a lazy day is read a book.  It is the most important thing that keeps you in a good mindset.  Reading relaxes your body by lowering your heart rate and reduces stress.  It helps you make a strong connection with your brain by improving memory and concentration. 

Journal about what you’re thinking of

As I mentioned in my past posts, journaling gives you a reflection of your lifestyle.  

My aesthetic in journaling is lighting a candle, rubbing on your favorite crystals, listening to soft music, opening the window, wearing something that you can feel like yourself.  

Draw something that you imagine yourself in

No matter how good or bad my drawings are, I love sketching in my journals just to daydream about where I am.  Learning how to draw is the way you will learn how to be more creative and the more you think creatively the more that you will master your skills.  When you are drawing, we use our brain of logical thinking.

Drink Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea helps reduce stress, cures headaches, keeps you on a focused mindset, and good sleep. 

I mostly drink herbal tea when I’m stressed or to help my period cramps.  

My favorite tea flavors to drink are Rose and Mint flavors.  

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