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Toxic People Red-Flags

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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who you feel suffocated by?  This is a warning that a person can be toxic. Sometimes we ask ourselves “Am I in a toxic relationship?” 

If you’re having those signs in a relationship, cut them out of your life if they can’t promise to change.  There are 78% of people that don’t follow through with their promise. Think about when you do for that person and ask yourself if they did the same thing for you. 

I have experienced toxicity many times, and I know that you guys can relate with that.  I had toxic friendships, lived in a toxic household, and had a toxic relationship with myself.  It was getting through my brain until I felt something in my inner self that I can break out of this negativity.  It took some time for me to think about what I experienced and learn the steps I need to do to break free.  From everything I learned, I was proud of myself for listening to my heart and it changed my life. 

Now I’m ready to tell you the warning that you should be aware of that person including yourself.


Jealousy lacks self-confidence and ruins relationships with other people.

People envy you for the gratitude you get, how much attention you get, and how you handle situations in a way that they can’t.  Jealousy happens when the person that they love prefers someone else over you, and they want to compete against them to gain attention from their love.

My advice to the people that are being envied by someone is to be careful. 

They constantly judge you 

You don’t want to be in a friendship with someone who constantly judges you for how you look and what you do.  They judge you to make you feel bad about yourself to make them feel good about themselves.

To me it doesn’t matter what they think, it matters what you want and no one can stop you.   A true friend loves you no matter what you do and will always have your back.

Try to control you

Do you ever feel like you’re living in someone’s shadow?  They try to control when they become overly nice and guilt trip to do what they want you to do, and choose to manipulate you because they can’t control themselves.    

They try to control so they make sure you’re there for them 24/7.  The only person who you can control is you.  

Being the “Protective” One 

Sometimes that person can be “protecting” you. But they are not doing it for you, they are doing it for themselves because they feel threatened by the way you live your lifestyle. The more they try to “protect” you, the more power they have over you.

If you feel like you’re under their power, then you need to set boundaries for yourself.

They flake on you when you need them 

When you are there for a friend, you expect them to give you the same respect that you give to them.  The more that you are there for them, the more that you are expecting a lot from them.

We have those friends that don’t give the same respect that you do and it makes us feel disrespected and disappointed.  

If they don’t give you the same respect back, then don’t give anything to that person if they’re going to take from you.

Poor communicating  

This person tends to ignore contact and wait instead of listening.  The way they misunderstand is no longer common.  Make sure to watch for signs of poor communications like negative body language, distractions, and not listening.

To handle this situation, make sure you ask clarifying questions before you make a commitment.

Always plays the victim 

Playing the victim is a very big weakness for someone’s well being.  They play the victim to make you feel sorry for them and choose not to take responsibility for their actions.  Most of the time, they expect you to always agree with everything that you say.

Try explaining to them in a way they can understand that their actions are causing tension. If they choose not to listen, then why bother?

Being dishonest

Loyalty matters!

People lie to “protect” because they are scared and think that they can get your approval of “what they do”.  Lying shows disloyalty towards the relationship between you and your significant other and can lose trust in your relationship

If you know or have a feeling that someone is lying to you, know their body language and their tone of voice. Ask them what they don’t expect you to ask.

If you don’t have trust, then you have nothing.

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