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6 Ways of Letting Go Toxic Relationships

Here are 6 ways of letting go toxic relationships. Think about what you are doing and why are you in that relationship in the first place. Here’s an anecdote of my life. I’ve been living through toxicity throughout middle school and high school. I’m probably still living with that energy, but things will get better.  When you are in a relationship with who you feel unsupported and attacked, you are living in toxicity.  Between the relationship with that person, one of you is feeling great and the other is feeling miserable. Letting go of a toxic relationship can be easy or hard to let go. But it will get better. Letting go doesn’t mean your life is over, you’re writing a new chapter in your story.

Toxic people will pollute everything around them. Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.

 – Mandy Hale

If you’re trying to get out of a toxic relationship with someone, keep reading. I hope that this page will help you do what’s best for you. 

Learn what you’ve experience with that person

Let me give you an example of what you can experience with a group of people that you hang out with.  I want you to decide if you rather hang out with one group over the other.

Group 1: You have a group of best friends since high school.  You all have so many things in common, laugh at the same jokes, and hang out everyday after school.  But when you go up to them and tell them what’s wrong, they don’t say anything or do anything to help you with your situation.

Group 2:  You have a group of acquaintances that you’ve known since high school.  You don’t have a lot of things in common, but can relate to a lot of things.  You go up to them and tell them what’s wrong,  they give the best advice they can and comfort you when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Which group do you feel supported by?                                                                                                                       

The one thing that you should know is toxic people will be upset if you are focusing on something else rather than them.  What you should do is clear your mind from the negative energy.  The more you are hanging around that person is the more they’ll try to consume you

Give them some tough love

Tough love is giving yourself a promotion for you and for someone else no matter what dangerous situation they’re going through and hoping that they will take responsibility for their actions in the future.  

I’ll share with you my personal experience.  I used to have a lot of close friends and I was always there to listen to their stories, but they never cared to listen to mine.  Any advice I give, they never listen to what I have to give them and get mad over what I have to say.  After high school, I had a  fallout and the way I took it was angrily at first, but I got over it and  I wanted what’s best for that person.   

No matter how personally they’re going to take it, it’s okay to tell them that this is going too far and it’s time for you to go.  They may get angry about it and try to make you be the bad guy.  Keep in mind that you’re not at fault, you are making a decision that is best for your relationship. It doesn’t mean you want nothing to do with them, you want what’s best for the both of you.

Love is A Tough, Ever Hopeful Thing, Not Easily Destroyed. 

– Kirby Wright

Stay true because you want what’s best for the both of you

Following up with the last paragraph.  It’s not always about one person, it’s about the chemistry you create.  When it comes to the fallout of a relationship with that person, it’s hard, but it will get better.  And maybe that person might end up changing or continue on with what they are doing. 

Don’t expect changes for them

You tried what you can but they still can’t accept the fact for who they are and can’t own up to their mistakes.  They promise that they’re gonna change, but the next day they will break their promises and it will repeat.  It’s better to be surprised than disappointed.  Just keep in mind that it is not up to you to save them, but it is up to you to decide whether you want to walk away from them. 

Don’t get into uncomfortable situations

Sometimes people will try to get you involved in their issues. The reason why they drag you into these uncomfortable situations is because they “they need you” whenever they’re in a crisis too.  They drag you into theirs because they want  to seek attention and manipulate you or scam you out of your money.  If you feel like you’re being  forced to get into an uncomfortable situation, just say “No!”.  I know you’ll feel bad, but you’re not dealing with it. It’s not your fault whatever they’re in.

It’s okay to let them go and to be emotional

When you love something, just let it go. It’s hard losing someone who you care most about, but you will get through with it. The one thing that counts is the relationship you have with yourself. You’ll feel better to let them go. Don’t think about how they’ll take it, think about what you want and don’t let them stop you from being you.  Even if they try every trick in the book, make threats, yell, and in the worst cases destroy property, you keep moving forward

Keep moving forward and don’t look back!

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