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How to Start over

Joce at Pacifica State Beach | How to Start Over
Pacifica State Beach

Do you ever wish that you can forget everything and start all over from scratch? I like to start over by getting rid of the things that have been hindering my success and the things that I don’t need. Also I have to keep in mind that I have to be the main character by making a new chapter of my book.

I have lost count on how many times I start over from scratch. I’ve done it over the past years, but I’m always willing to do it again if things don’t work out the way I need. The truth is that life isn’t easy along your journey and when everything goes south.

After changing my availability from work to not working on a specific day, it changed my life. Because after a long week feeling mentally drained, I use my time off to destress and hit the reset button to get ready for another week.

I took my time by taking a sunrise drive up a mountain or a sunset drive next to the beach. Sometimes I stay at home, sleep it off or wash all the dirt away in the shower while singing my favorite tunes.

After that, I feel like I have been cured from all that stress and negativity and began a new chapter of my book.

What I like you to do is be the you that you want to be by building a new chapter in your book. All you need to do is hit the reset button by playing the main character in my own story by doing the things that you need to find yourself again. That’s what’s going to keep up with your routine and help you be successful.

After you read this, this will change your life.

Cut the toxicity

Toxicity is a way of hindering people from their success whether they’re home, with their friends, and at work. Being in toxic relationships makes you feel unsupported and attacked. If you know the signs of a toxic relationship, cut them out of your life.

I experienced this a lot throughout my journey and toxicity is the darkness throughout your journey.

I understand that cutting the toxicity out is hard. Think about what you did for that person and what they didn’t do for you. If they choose not to change, then get them out of your life as soon as possible because you deserve better.

Find new things to do

It is a good way to grow your knowledge and mindset. When you find new things to do, it will improve your well-being and you have the desire to learn a new experience. You want to try new things because it helps you live a healthy and happier life to help you live your dreams.

Finding new things is a small moment that brings happiness because it helps you celebrate the victory that you learned something new. The more you learn how to do things, the more it brings a smile to your face.

Find confidence in yourself

Having confidence means that you are accepting the fact that you believe in yourself. When you do things to help you love yourself, it doesn’t mean that you’re being selfish. It means that you are finding a new way to love yourself and spreading kindness out to others.

When you are trying to find confidence, do the things that bring you happiness and keep doing those things. The more you keep believing the more that it will create a positive impact for your life.

When I’m doubting myself, I will find the nearest place where I can look into my reflection and tell myself “You can do it!” Then I smile and continue what I was doing.

Clean your room

The more you stay immaculate, the more that you can find more motivation. Most times we feel unmotivated to keep track of our clean schedule because we come home from a long day from work, running a lot of errands, or traveling.

Personally I try to keep things clean when I’m preparing for travel, getting ready to have a relaxing weekend, and when I have guests coming over.

If you have trouble or feel unmotivated to clean, you can:

  • Listen to music
  • Air fresh you room
  • Make a list
  • Make a schedule

Get rid of things you don’t need

Following up with cleaning your room, you can declutter and get rid of the stuff that you don’t need anymore. The more that you keep holding on, the more that things get too addicting that you can’t stay motivated to get the tasks you need done.

Before I decided to declutter, I thought that by getting rid of my depression is by going shopping and buying new things. After spending money on things that I don’t need, all I felt was regret and thought that I should have never bought it. Now before making a purchase, I get the gut feeling that I don’t always need new things and appreciate what I have. If I want to add new things, get rid of things that I don’t need.

I was told to take one step at a time and not need to rush.

Be positive

No matter how much negativity is in the room, try to step up and spread confidence. Because the more positivity you spread to others the more that you will make everyone’s day better. In order to stay positive just keep doing the things that make you happy.

What I like to do on my own time is write it down in a journal and write all of the negative events that’s been bringing me down and create positivity by describing the good things about and creating goals. How it affects reality is the more you put the darkness behind the closer that you will find light at the end of the tunnel.

No negativity

If you start your day terribly, just remember that it was only the beginning of it. When you have time to spare, try and take a break and do some activities that will bring you happiness. Negativity can be caused by worrying too much, complaining a lot, and your insecurities.

Try to think about the good in you and what you’re accomplished. You are very bright and have so much ahead in your journey. Whatever voices come in your head, do not let it affect you and follow your heart along the way.

Someone once told me that if I show up to a workplace in a bad mood, put it aside and put on a fake smile.

Include the things you need

Don’t ignore what you need. When you include the things you need you’re guiding your life decisions, behavior, and goals. Whatever you get done quicker is the more that you get to relax.

We all are able to make our own decisions and when you make the best choices of your life, you will feel victorious.

You never know what you get until it’s gone.

Drink more water

Drinking water helps you stay hydrated and keep your beautiful skin clear. It’s always good to hydrate when:

  • You wake up so your body can hydrate after your 8 hours of sleep.
  • Before you drink coffee

You can also bring a bottle of water when you need to keep track of your water schedule. The more you keep you with drinking water the more you will feel fresh and clean.

Work in confidence



And put all that negative energy aside and put on your professional attitude!

Whether you work in retail or at an office, you always want to work your way up to getting to a high position you need. If you feel like you are competing against someone, think about the things that you are good at. No matter what happens or comes above, you are good enough for the company. Also stay out of work drama because it’s the one way ticket to bringing you down.

No matter what mood you’re in when you come to work, try to represent the company the way they want to be representative and show how much you care about the company.

The more that you spread the positive attitude towards others, the more that you will be working in confidence and you will get to where you deserve to be at.

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