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How to Have a Classy and Vintage Look

Black and White Photo of Joce | How to Have a Classy and Vintage Look

This is my first fashion post ever and I am excited for you guys to be a part of this journey.  I want to tell you guys how to have a classy and vintage look, and will be sharing my fashion advice on how to look elegant in the best way.

Growing up I have always dreamed of having something to do with fashion. What fashion means to me is that you are expressing who you are and how you truly feel about you. I used to go to school wearing outfits that were trendy, but were they styles I wanted to go for?  To be honest, being trendy doesn’t represent who you are. I believe that every woman should wear whatever they are comfortable wearing no matter what other people think because it represents you and that’s all that matters. No women should be forced to wear anything that doesn’t make them feel like themselves.

It took me until after the COVID lockdown to realize what style I want to go for and that style I want to go for will make me feel confident in myself.   

Why classy and elegant?  It makes me feel confident in myself where I feel more comfortable expressing myself for who I am. I’m sending a message to people that I want to be taken seriously.  Also makes me feel like I’m unstoppable because the more that I feel confident is the more I truly believe in myself.

The difference between those two words is being elegant is stylish and fashionable and being classy exhibits elegance. What they both have in common is that they are graceful and stylish.  

I’m ready to share with you how you can look and dress classy and elegant that will make you feel beautiful.

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Have vintage curls/waves 

I love to curl my hair so I can feel classy and elegant.  Curly hair is a stable twisty shape. When your hair gets frizzy, it’s damaged and dehydrated.  Treat it with gentle care and have a balance moisture to have a healthy hair style. To prevent damaging your curly hair, you can wrap your hair in a bandana overnight then let down your hair when you wake up.

I use my hot tools curling iron to curl my hair and take a good amount of hair to wrap it around the iron.  Then my hair will turn out to be flawless.

Wear Light Eyeshadow 

Why light eyeshadows? Because if you want your lipstick color to be bold, a better option is to wear a lighter color so you don’t hide most of your beauty. 

Wearing a lighter color of eyeshadow makes you feel calm and feminine.  Wearing bold eyeshadow and bold lipstick hides most of your true beauty.  You deserve to show your beauty by wearing lighter makeup. 

When you are applying eyeshadow,  place the lighter color in the crease of your eyelid and towards up your brow bone.  Then place the deeper color on the brow bone and blend it towards the crease but not in the crease.  My favorite lighter eyeshadow palettes is 35C Everyday Chic by Morphe.  

Cat Eyeliner/Mascara  

This makeup is an eye-catching style that depends on heavy makeup. People describe cat-eyes as  a dramatic style.  You want to make the outer corners of the sharp wing in order to make a perfect cat eye.  

When I wear cat eyes, I will wear a lighter color of lipstick.  To make a perfect wing of your look, my recommendation is to apply baking powder below your eyes and let it bake until you completely apply the eyeliner.

Wear Pink Blush

Blush is very much like skin color, but very light.  The color pink is a tranquil color with love, kindness, and femininity. 

I apply my pink blush above my cheekbones after contouring to get the classier look.  Most of the time, I will conceal and contour my face before applying blush, but try not to wear foundation.  I wear it only on occasions.

Red Lipstick  

Red lipstick will make you feel feminine and vintage.  It was popular in the 1900s and still is today.  We describe red lipstick as passionate and creative.  Red lipstick will attract attention during social events because people describe them as sexy and powerful.

Go bold if you’re wearing lighter colors on your eyes and go light if you’re wearing darker colors on your eyes.

Diamond or pearls

Diamonds and pearls makes you feel classified and elegant.  Diamonds are related to love and health, and are a token of strength and being invincible.  Pearls are known as a calming effect, unique, and a classifying gem.  What I love about them is that they are not required to be cut or to be polished.  

When you wear diamonds and pearls, it makes you feel confidence and personal strength when you wear or touch them.  A lot of people use them as an advantage, but I use them to bring me strength and light. The difference between diamonds and pearls is that diamonds are cut from rocks into different shapes and pearls are grown from oysters on the sea bed.

Dress Black

Black is known as being taken seriously and being reliable.  Most people wear black to hide what they really feel inside that will hide their negative emotions.  

Elegant women never reveal about their true feelings because they never reveal too much about their lives.  

Wear skirts/dresses

Skirts and dresses are ways to make you look elegant, and reflect on a beautiful woman. Skirts are the most sexy and attractive clothing that you can wear.  No matter what kind of skirt you wear, you will get compliments.  

Wear pumps/heels

Heels complete the classy and elegant look. 

 If you want the best colors for your shoes, I recommend wearing beige or white with a black dress.  Sometimes I go for rose gold or red when I wear white, I began wearing my pearl anklet with my heels to touch up my style. 

Now it is your time to go out there and express your style. 

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