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How to be Elegant

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Being elegant is an enjoyably neat and fashionable image of attitude. I always believed in spreading kindness out to the world and being beautiful in my own way. Growing up, I’ve always dreamed of having a gorgeous and luxurious lifestyle. I learned that the more I believe in myself, the more that I’ll get to live my dreams.   

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”

Audrey Hepburn

Be aware of your body language 

Your body language is what counts about what you say or do. A lot of people don’t often know our own body language. We spend a lot of time thinking about what to say rather than learn our body language. The more we focus on what to say, the more our bodies speak differently than words. 

When we’re speaking, we should focus on what our bodies are doing and how it affects the messages we’re giving.  

You you should work on connecting you words and you body language

  • Think positive
  • Eye contact the person you’re speaking to
  • Listen and pay attention
  • Do not interrupt 
  • Avoid distractions
  • Don’t look at anyone else
  • Gesture while you speak
  • Avoid bad habits

Having good body language is a good judgment of communication skills.

Have a signature scent  

You might have not noticed that you have a signature scent or know what your signature scent is. Having a signature smell is a scent that someone can recognize, and for what’s best for you and your body.  

If you’re having a hard time finding your good signature smell, you might want to use your favorite fragrance. 

Speak softly and use good manners 

Speaking in a soft tone is how you carefully watch what you say. What you don’t want is to hear yourself talking.  Don’t mention the people around you because they hear what you say. Always speaking in good manner such as please and thank you. 

Manners do matter.

Don’t reveal too much about your life 

When you’re introducing yourself to someone new, you want to make a conversation and keep it going. You can talk about what you do for a living like work, education, what your hobbies are. But oversharing your life is not what you want on your first introduction. People want to share what comes to mind and make sure that everyone can hear it for themselves. This can affect any behavior day by day and possibly ruin your reputation.

My opinion is it’s better to get to know someone before you talk about your life. It’s better to relate than give too much information.  

Carry a book with you

There are many reasons why we carry a book around even though we sometimes don’t use it. I carry a book around because it helps keep track of my reading. Reading is also a part of entertainment.  

 Read Poetry 

Poetry is one of my favorite hobbies. Reading poetry is like taking yourself out on an adventure in your mind to figure out what the story is about. You keep reading it repeatedly to find its deeper meaning. Reading poetry is like playing a detective in your imagination.

Write or Practice Cursive Writing

Let me share with you my story. I was put in a special education class from Kindergarten to third grade. When I was in third grade, I always wanted to learn how to write in cursive and learn multiplication. I came home from school one day and told my mom that I wanted to learn everything in my grade, so she set up a meeting with the board and they said I was ready to learn what everyone’s doing in my grade level. I wanted to learn cursive because it had beautiful handwriting and I wanted to improve my skill in my grade level.  

Don’t curse and lose temper

There are times that we want to express what we really feel about the situation we’re in. Cursing and losing temper will not get you anywhere. It makes the situation worse. If you  feel like you’re about to lose your temper, take a deep breath and breathe out. 

 Be thankful

Gratitude for yourself and well-being. When you are grateful for something, you’re more likely to be happier and satisfied than being stressed. Think about the things that you have and what it will do to make you successful. Don’t appreciate what you want, appreciate what you have.

 Your inner beauty is what makes you beautiful

The one thing that matters is being you and showing your true colors. Being beautiful isn’t about how you look, it’s what counts inside. The more beautiful you feel, the more self-confidence that you’ll get.  

Gentle touch

A gentle touch gives a spark in confidence for someone who is giving and receiving. We all have a different type of touch. I use my iron grip when I’m carrying something heavy, when I have to squeeze a lemon when I’m cooking chicken, or when I have to open a can or a bottle. The time that you can use a gentle touch is when you brush your hair,  petting an animal, sweeping the floors. Gentle touch makes it lovely and satisfying to feel even when you hear it.

Wear more dresses and skirts

If you want the looks to be elegant, you can start wearing skirts and dresses. If you want to go extra, try looking for smooth fabrics like satin and silk. Don’t wear anything too baggy and anything too tight. If you are budgeting your money, I recommend going to thrift stores or affordable stores such as: TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshalls. 

Be true to yourself

Never give up on what you believe in, keep doing the activities that will keep you motivated.  Because if you keep going, you will grow as both a person and as an individual.

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