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Evening/ Night Routine

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Every time I come home, all I want to do is lay in bed, binge on Netflix,  and get into my beauty sleep.  But there are a lot of things to do before bed.  An evening routine helps your brain to separate the night from the day and relieves the stress. 

You want to wake up feeling motivated and feeling in control.

It is important to have a night routine because it gives you a head start of your morning routine to help start your day out.  The more you give yourself a good night routine,  the more you feel motivated about your lifestyle.

When I come home from a long day from work,  I choose to lay in bed, take a nice sunset drive on CA-1, or watch TV.  But do all of these activities keep me motivated to do things?  No!  Because the next day I felt frantic and unmotivated.  Instead of doing those habits, I should make a routine with what I do during the evenings to help me have a good mindset for the next day.  The more I do the cycle is the more I get to have motivation before the next day

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Relax and recap what you learned today

After a long day, you have spare time to relax, breathe and look back at what you did today. You learned from your mistakes today or you learned something to grow your beautiful mindset.  Now your day has ended, it is a good time to take the day for yourself.

When you give yourself a recap about your day, think about what makes you strong now and how you created a big impact.  You can even write it down in a journal to help your mindset grow. 

 Take a nice warm shower

If you already took a shower in the morning, then you don’t have to do it again.   Taking a shower is a good way to get started on your bedtime routine to wash away the dirt. You also want to stay fresh and clean.

While taking a relaxing night shower, you can light some candles, turn off the lights, and listen to soothing music to wash away the pain.

When I take a shower before bed, I use lavender scent body wash because the smell of lavender helps with depression and brings me to a better mood.  If you need to wash your hair, then I highly recommend that you don’t do it right before you get to bed.

Do some nighttime skincare routines 

We all have different ways of taking care of our skin.  

I take care of my skin before and after taking a shower.  And it is important because the more you take care of your skin, the more you can avoid getting breakouts.

I start my skincare routine by dry brushing my skin first (I highly recommend before taking a shower), then I do my facial skin care routine, after that I rub lotion all over my body, finally I rub foot cream on my foot. 

Braid your beautiful hair 

When I braid my hair before bed, it helps keep it neat for the next day.  Usually I do my hair in a loose braid because it is a protective practice to prevent my hair from getting damaged. If you are braiding your hair too tight, I highly recommend not to do that because it can cause your hair to damage.  

Make yourself a nice healthy dinner 

A nice healthy dinner will help you function and grow your mindset.  Try not to dine too often because you want to conserve money and want to try healthier recipes.  

If you want to find new ingredients or get motivated to cook I recommend you to look into a cookbook

Phone down

Being on your phone right before bed is the most common distraction to hinder you from sleeping. Two hours before bed is recommended.  There are many fun activities that you can do before going to bed instead of being on your phone.  

Yes, we all want to keep up to date with social media, but there are better things to do.  The more you go on your phone before bed time the less that you sleep.  Because being on your phone causes a distraction, and you will have a hard time getting out of bed.

Add some Lavender Scent in your room

The one thing that improves my sleep is Lavender. It helps with my anxiety and depression and when I smell it, I feel more calm and relaxed.  

If you have a hard time sleeping, then I highly recommend that you can make your room smell like lavender to help.

I use the wax melt or the room scent diffuser to have the scent in my room.

Read a book 

It is good to take time off your phone to read a book before you go to sleep. Reading a book before going to bed or during the day.  It helps build focus on your self-esteem and grows your brain.  While I read, I can picture what the story is in my imagination.

Watch a ballet show

I watch ballet videos before going to bed to help feel the emotion through the music.   Ballet gets me emotional by feeling the movements of my body to be more accurate. 

Make new goals for the next day

Making goals is a good way to keep you motivated with how you can make a better future for yourself.   You want to make good goals in order to get to the level where you need to be. 

When I achieve my goals, I celebrate my victory in succeeding that brings me gratitude. 

Sweet Dreams

Get yourself some beauty sleep because you have a beautiful day coming ahead of you.

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