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De-stressing after a long week

wind blowing in the sky | de-stressing after a long week

Have you not had any time to rest and relax after school or work?  Did you spend the whole week running your errands and cleaning your house and didn’t have the time to yourself?  When you have time to spare, now is a good time to relieve stress after a long week.  You put your heart, blood, sweat, and tears to your tasks all week and you are feeling exhausted after the week ended.  

I’ve had my long weeks and what I do when I have the entire day to myself is taking the time to relax and have the whole day to recharge before the next week. Take some time for yourself because today is all about you.  Most likely, you want to find healthy activities to help you start over for the next week.  

I’m going to help you and tell you about how you can destress after a very long week.

Wear comfortable clothes

Throw on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and sweatpants and wear something that will make you comfortable.  Also it helps you unwind and exercise.  Wearing comfortable clothes makes you access to your physical comfort level and makes you comfortable in your own skin.  You can do some relaxing activities like yoga, sit in bed, and go on a walk.  

When you are wearing comfortable clothes,  you are feeling productive throughout your day.  

Take a walk outside

Taking a walk outside is good to get your mind cleared.  It’s good for you because it gives you good exercise and reduces stress.  The more you can relieve stress walking is the more you’ll feel relaxed.

If you make walking a daily habit, take 20-30 minutes of your time outdoors.  

Spa day

A spa day helps you feel good on the inside and outside.  Having a spa day brings in the satisfaction of your lifestyle.  When you are having a nice spa day whether you are at home or at a salon, it helps you fight depression, gain confidence, elevates relaxation, and gives you better sleep.  

I will most likely take a spa day at home doing facials and meditating.  Since the pandemic started, I looked up a lot of tutorials on how to give myself a good spa day at home, and it boosted my mood and confidence today. I had never felt good on the inside and outside.  

Spend time with friends/family

Having some alone time is great, but it’s good to blow off some steam while talking to someone else.  It’s also good to talk to the people that you trust about how you’re doing.  by using positive coping strategies and relating to your problems. 

Talking to friends and family is a good way to do an act of kindness. The best way about being with family and friends is that they make you laugh.  And the more that you bring a smile to someone the more positive energy that  you create.  


Meditation is the key to relaxation. It helps you get a deep connection with your soul.  It makes a change to accept yourself no matter what. Meditation benefits us to relieve stress and keep us in a calm mindset.  

If you want to learn how to dig deep in meditation, I recommend signing up on Brittney Carmichael’s self love guided meditation.

Journal about your week

Journaling helps you reflect on your life.  Also it does more than help you record your memories and find yourself and process your thoughts.  To reduce stress from journaling, you’ll have to:

  • Write daily
  • Take 15-20 minutes to write
  • Just write what comes to mind

Do something that you love doing

Doing something that you love is a good way to brighten your mood.  It helps you boost your self-esteem on something that you’re good at.   It’s always good to find what hobbies that you are great at and the more you do it, the more that you’ll enjoy yourself.

Learn Something New

When you learn something new, it helps you improve on memory, problem solving, and knowledge. It helps you to grow your brain.  But why should you learn something new?  It helps your brain grow.  When you learn something new,  it helps reduce stress.

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