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Best Coping Skills For Mental Health

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Building coping skills can develop your stress situations.  These strategies lower your expectations and help with problem solving. Stress relief can develop your mental and physical health to grow your mindset.

I was struggling with  my living lifestyle and activity during middle and high school.  During my freshman year I began talking to a school counselor and had weekly sessions. Junior came around and I learned what coping is.  

After I learned the definition of coping, I used those skills to deal with stressful situations. It’s a distraction from anything that can cause a negative effect on my well being.  

Today there are situations I can escape from nor make changes.  Giving up means that I will lose and keep living in a toxic environment.  Doing fun activities will take my mind off the stress the that situation is causing. 

 Coping is not only a distraction, it’s a temporary escape.  My suggestion to you, rosebuds, is keep using those temporary escapes until you find your light at the end of the tunnel. And keep going forward.

Today, Rosebuds, I will give you the skills on how you can take yourself away from all the stress that’s coming to your harm.  These skills also grow your mindset after learning a new hobby.

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What Activities Should You Do For Coping?

There are many activities to do or explore. If you’re at your breaking point, finding a hobby is a distraction from your stressful situations.  

Hobbies are my favorite ways to cope with my stress.  Meaning I have learned a new talent and a new way to accept myself. When you find a new talent, show it out in the open.  We like to see what new skills you learned to help your mindset grow.

Learning new skills can create a great social impact on your lifestyle. Yes, I understand for millennials and gen z’s that it’s hard to be social.  For instance when I go to events, I like to start a conversation by complimenting someone. I can turn into a small conversation or turn it into a friendship. 

Write In a Journal  

Open your window, light a candle, and listen to calm music to self-reflect your journey.  Relaxation calms your mood when you are making the next chapter of your book.

You are learning from your experiences and improving your sense of gratitude.   Grow your mindset by making your own story.

Because you are developing your lifestyle, you are creating a positive environment for your space.  

Journaling is a healthy life changing experience to help you grow your self-esteem.

Make journaling your daily habit by spending 10-15 minutes putting in your thoughts and emotions. Remember, this is your time and space for self-development.

Listen to Music 

Sit down, relax, and put on your headphones.  

Your favorite tunes reduce anxiety and depression.  Music feels like someone is telling you that you will get through your hard times.  

The psychological fact of music is that it reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. 

Listening to music temporarily shuts the world out for me.  Which is good for you to take the time for yourself. 

Play With Your Pet  

joce's cat penny

Playing with your pet increases your social life and emotional support. Honestly, pets are the only living creatures that you can’t feel judged by.  

There were times when I used to cry myself to sleep every night. My cats, Sai and Penny, would walk in my bedroom and jump on my bed.  They would lay next to me as I hear them purring their way to curing my emotions.

Pets are the best emotional support for someone who’s dealing with depression.

Go Outside 

You don’t know what you’re missing out if you are isolating yourself.  Go out and get inspired.  Ride a bike, take a walk in the gardens, or go out on a picnic.

Studying nature reduces stress and will help you get deep into your thoughts.  When you are feeling burnt out, nature can clear your head. Spend at least 20 minutes daily feeling the fresh breeze. 

Once you get the feeling of inspiration, put those thoughts into your work. You are creating a healthy environment for you, your workplace, etc.

Clean Your Home 

How do you feel about living in a place that’s filthy?  To be honest, cramped and unfocused to keep up with our tasks.  

Clean living keeps you organized and gives a welcoming environment.  Also you can host events which can increase your social status. 

Living in a clear environment helps you stay focused on your next chapter of your story.  

Read a Book 

Sit down and get comfortable.  Get motivation by reading your favorite book to grow your mindset.  

Reading gets us to imagine what the author is sharing to their readers.  From my perspective, writers want their readers to understand their point of view.  The author’s point of view  is another way to grow a healthy mindset.

Anytime I read a book, I feel more educated for creating my own story. I feel like the main character in my own book. I encourage you to be the main character.

Play a Game  

Board games, video games, and party games make a fun day. Gaming develops your multi-tasking ability.  

Playing your favorite games can give you a good sense of humor.  Entertainment promotes creativity to your mindset.  

Finding Humor 

Watch a funny movie, scroll through TikTok, or watch a funny YouTube video. A good sense of humor betters your mood. The spread of positive energy promotes a healthy environment to your community, workplace etc.

A good sense of humor can make someone’s day and develop your social life.

Make Self-Gratitude List/Cards 

In 8th grade I made a list for myself about what best describes me.

The feeling of gratitude gives you self respect.  Appreciating yourself and others makes a meaningful relationship to your community.  

I recommend you download Authentically Del’s Positive Affirmation Cards to bring back your sparkle.


Create a good habit by doing yoga stretches.  Yoga creates a good body image and improves balance. 

Relax, breathe, and calm yourself by doing your favorite yoga stretches.  Motivation helps you stay productive for your lifestyle. 

It’s a good way to do relaxing stretches for your daily routine.

Get Enough Sleep 

Do your nightly routines and get 8 hours of rest every night.  Sleeping helps you think clearly before work.  Getting your beauty rest will help you wake up in a good mood.  

End your day with a nice warm shower and a relaxing skincare routine. Then put your phone down and read your favorite novel before bed.

Challenge Yourself 

Get out of your comfort zone and give yourself a lesson to learn.  During a challenge, you are learning the mistakes you make and setting yourself some boundaries.  

Life is challenging but you want to feel the victory. 

Have a Cup of Herbal Tea 

Tea is a way to calm my emotions.  One interesting fact about drinking tea is that it develops your habits to smile.   

Tea relieves pain physically and emotionally.  

The first time I drank tea was when I started high school.  I used to wake up in pain with period cramps and end up going to the nurses office.  I would end up getting sent home and lie in bed with a heat pack and a cup of mint tea

Ask for Helpful Advice 

Phone a friend and tell them what’s on your mind. Asking for help increases your social life and builds good relationships.  

 Listening to opinions and giving advice educates you on how you can create a good living for you. 

Deep Breaths 

Make your own space and take your time for yourself. Breathing exercises relaxes your mind and body.

If you feel uncomfortable or in a trapped situation, breathe. Because you are taking the time to relax, you will solve your problems.

Eat Healthy 

Eating healthy will give you the opportunity to live a long healthy life.  A fact that I learned about healthy eating is that it helps have good hygiene.  Bad food odor movies you bad breath, rotting teeth, and makes your feet stinky.

Which is why we should be careful with what we eat.  

Eating healthy is what can make you feel fresh and clean.  

One Coffee a Day 

The first thing we do when we wake up is grab a cup of coffee.  Limiting caffeine will give you better sleep.  Don’t drink coffee after 11:00am so you can balance your hormones

Limit your caffeine to one cup of coffee a day.  Before drinking coffee, drinking water is highly recommended. After 8 hours of sleeping, your body is dehydrated. 

Make Time For You 

Take the day off and take yourself out on a date.  You will create the best moments for you.  

Entertain yourself by doing the activities that will put a smile on you.  Taking time for yourself develops a healthy relationship for yourself, And you will feel great in your inner beauty. 

It’s a healthy way to have a good relationship with yourself.

Let Out Your Emotions 

How do you let out your emotions?  We want to let out our emotions to our friends, but we are  afraid of sharing our weakness. 

It is okay to cry, be angry, or be afraid.  Holding in our emotions makes our situations seem easier, but letting go of your weakness means you are finding you strength. 

In my opinion, emotions teach a valuable lesson of what you desire and what to do with your life. Or you are finding ways to solve your issue to find the light at the end of the tunnel.


After letting go of your emotions, put a smile on your beautiful face. You are building confidence.  

Put on a happy face and spread your love out to the world. You will feel positivity for your self esteem and make someone’s day.

Take a Walk

Fresh air can clear your head while you are taking a walk.  Gaining inspiration and exercise can make a good impact for you and your workplace.

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