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7 Journal Prompts You Should Write On Your Own Time

Journals waiting to get written | 7 Journal Prompts You Should Write On your Own Time

You bought a notebook from the store and you don’t know what to do with it.  There are many things that you can do with it like journaling.  When you are journaling, you are taking time for yourself to write what your thoughts and emotions are and how to describe the real you.  I began writing my own stories when I was 8-years-old and haven’t stopped since. Then  I began journaling daily during the morning, day and night. 

 During high school, I was at my darkest mindset. I always felt like I didn’t know what to do.  During my free-time I would take out my journal and start writing.  From then until now, I have found myself and I’m going to teach you how you can find the true you.

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior”

Christina Baldwin

When I journal, I love living through my aesthetic.

  • Open the Window
  • Light a candle
  • Rub on my crystals
  • Listen to soft music
  • Wear something that I can be myself (I wear my engagement ring, pearls, and  a tiara)

Now grab your pen and notebook and let those emotions out. 

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Describe the good things that describe you

Describing the best things about you is a way of giving a good attitude towards others.  That’s being self-confident in yourself, and it means that you accept the fact that you believe in yourself.

Click here to Gain Self-Confidence

 If you think that you’re not good enough, think about the good things that people tell you about who you are.  When you write it down you’ll want to look back at your journal and remember what does describe you.  

 Writing about the things that are good about you is what makes you feel good on the outside and on the inside. 

Write down the things that you need to let go of

Letting go doesn’t mean something doesn’t interest you or you don’t like it anymore.  It means that you are accepting what you get instead of doing things that you want to do.

When you let go of something, then you are starting a new chapter of your life.  And it might be a hard sacrifice to make, but you will make it through. For instance:

 I changed my availability to get a decent amount of  hours at my retail job so I can focus on my website and my mental health.  It wasn’t easy because working one job was one way I could make an income.   However the more I get to do the things I love, the better things will follow.

Sometimes it’s easy to let go and sometimes it’s hard to let go.  It’s better to be surprised tham live in high expectations.

Write down what you are at your happiest

The happiest moments are the good memories that you can go back to.  When you take a moment of having a flashback of good memories, remember how these good moments can affect you.  These memories will describe how you are today.  

Living in the happiest moments makes you realize how much positivity is created about you.  Always keep in mind that when you experience these moments, always keep them in a memory because it changes who you are today.

Write down what you are good at 

Remember that there is always something that you are good at.. You may be good at something and you might not know it yet. 

For example, I’m good at socializing and making connections with other people.  I may not know it because I was diagnosed with aspergers when I was 4-years-old.  

There are a lot of things that you are good at and you may not know it.  Once you find out, write down how you feel about it.

Describe what you done that changed your life

What did you do today that changed your life forever?  Did you talk to a friend, watched a video?  There are many things that can put some gratitude in some attitude, even small moments and change who you are. 

Anything could change your life and make a new chapter in your story.

How do you feel today?

Writing down what you feel today.  When you write it down, think about how you feel and what can you do to give yourself some positive energy.

It’s okay to be happy.  It’s okay to be sad.  No matter how you feel, you will make it through.  Writing down about how you are feeling is a good way to let off your emotions.

Write down your goals 

And the last thing you should write are your goals.

What are your goals for the end of this week, a year from now on, or for 5 years? 

You always want to make goals in order to get you to the top.  I have so many goals I want to achieve, but you should take them step-by-step. 

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