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5 Ways to Budget and Save Money

wallet with cash | 5 ways to budget and save money

When I first started making an income, I was so excited that I got paid more than I got my allowance. After work on pay day, I would do anything to spend money on stuff that I thought could make me happy.  I would shop online, take a trip to the mall, and dine out a lot. After I finish those tasks, my mood changes from excitement to misery. 

Then I ask myself these questions:

Was it worth it?

Will it make me happy?

Will it help me succeed?

That’s when I realized that I was emotionally spending and learned that I could spend money on something important rather than spend money on something that I’m possibly never going to use and something that I won’t need.

Instead of spending money on stuff that you don’t need, start thinking about what you need to save your money on. 

How are you going to make a living? 

“Save money and money will save you”

John Soforic

Today, I want to talk to you about 5 ways you can conserve your money.

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Have a budget planner

After receiving a budget planner for my 22nd birthday, it has changed my life.  Getting a budget planner has taught me how to save and how to spend.

If you use a budget planner, it will keep track of how much you spend for a living and you write it down.  Each month that I fill it out is the more I cut down on my budget.

Dine-out less and start eating stuff at home

If there’s one reason why you’re running out of money so quickly is because you might be eating out a lot instead of eating what you have at home.  Going grocery shopping and eating at home saves so much time and money.

Because I didn’t have time and money to go out and buy groceries, I had nothing else to do but Doordash food when the pandemic started.

Maybe when you go to work and you’re worried about what you’re going to pack for lunch. Instead of going out to buy food, start packing your own lunch.

Pretend that you’re poor

What would you do if you’re broke and don’t have a lot of money? What would you do with a little bit of cash that you have less? 

Six months in between after I quit my job as a grocery clerk to being a Starbucks barista, I had no income during those six months.  The only thing that I really could spend money on was taking the bus to get to school, spend on breakfast or lunch,  and buy supplies that I need.  

After getting a new job, I was so excited that I was making an income again that I was spending money on a lot of things that aren’t so important.  I realized that I was emotionally spending and thought to myself “What if I was back to being unemployed? What would I do with the leftover money that I have now?”

Don’t go trendy and start thrifting

You see what you see on the internet and you see your favorite TikToker wearing something that is trending all over the internet.  Yes the outfit is cute, but is it worth buying? What would you use that product for?

Everytime that I go shopping at the mall and walk past luxury stores, I want to buy nice things.  But the best way to save all that money on something that you want to buy is to spend a little less money.  By spending less money, start shopping at thrift stores.  There might be an outfit similar to what you want.  

Ask yourself questions

Ask questions before making a purchase.  

It helps me when I’m about to spend money on something that I don’t need.  I’ll be honest, I feel disappointed that I didn’t make the purchase that I really wanted to buy, but it was worth it.  Because I could end up spending money on bills and for what I need instead of spending it on something that I’m not going to use.

Always keep in mind that you should appreciate what you have more than what you want. Because the more you appreciate what you have, the more that the want will follow.

Now try it!

Now you learned my steps on how to conserve money, now I want you to try and see if those steps can help you.

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